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BloKart Long Term Durability

We have been asked how well a Blokart lasts. We’ve always said that for ease

of care and longest life, you need to look at the top of the range all stainless steel Pro, but that although the Classic will show signs of rust it isn’t bad and doesn’t affect the performance, only the cosmetics.

Here’s an example of how a Classic Blokart ages. Bear in mind this is a non-stainless Blokart that is four years old, has not been particularly well looked after, and has been used HARD for teaching and competition in a marine environment. In other words it’s been hammered in a hostile place !

We’ve replaced the front fork but not the steerer tube, we’ve black hammerited the footbar and it has had new bearings and it has a new sail. Otherwise, the chassis is original as are the wheels and rear axles, seat, mast, lap strap,

and so on.

If looked after, this will last for years, and in fact we may run it as a demo ‘kart just to show how well they age. We always recommend for all the models of Blokart, to maintain the longest life out of your investment, to make sure that at the end of each session you rinse the ‘kart in fresh water and allow it to dry before packing away. It’s not such a big effort and it will helps you keep your Blokart ready for instant action for years to come.


You can see the difference between the new fork and the 4 year

old steerer tube, mostly just a bit of discolouration.


A black painted footbar, but the chassis main members only

slightly dulled from new.


You can just see a trace of rust in the corner of the seat tube

strut & chassis angle and that the ‘kart is used


A trace of rust as the other side and clearly a used axle and seat

but all perfectly functional. Not bad for 4 years of hammering use!


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