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BloKart Prices

So you've heard about or seen BloKarts in action, or been lucky enough to have had a go in one and now you want to buy one for yourself!

Well below you will find the current range of BloKart Products and the 2009 price list,

If you'd like to order or discuss your BloKart options and requirements you can reach us on one of the numbers shown below, or goto "Contact Us"

Tel: 0044 (0) 1354 658778

Email: [email protected]

BloKart Product Range:

In the form below you will find a list of our Most Popular COMPLETE Blokart Modules that we sell.

However, as from the start of 2010 you can NOW order Customised Blokart components to make your BloKarting experience even more enjoyable and unique to you.

For A Full List of Blokart Options, Parts and Accessories to customise your Blokart

purchase Click Here





Blokart Classic

Entry Level Model

£1518 - 3m Rig

£1598 - 4m Rig

£1684 - 5.5m Rig


Blokart Comp

Mid Range Model

£1878 - 3m Rig

£1958 - 4m Rig

£2044 - 5.5 Rig


Blokart Pro

Top of the Range Model

Full Stainless Steel

£2278 - 3m Rig

£2358 - 4m Rig

£2444 - 5.5m Rig


Blokart 2m rig complete

(sail, battens, boom, whip,

sheet rope and sail bag)



Blokart 3m rig

(sail, battens, boom, whip,

sheet rope and sail bag



Blokart 4m rig

(sail, battens, boom, whip,

sheet rope & sail bag)



Blokart 5.5m rig

(sail, battens, boom, whip,

sheet rope & sail bag)



Footbar Extension

for Taller Blokarters



Shadow Pro

An extra seat that attaches

to side of Blokart for 2-up fun!

£725 - for Classic

£725 - for Comp

£725 - for Pro


BloKart Pod

Streamline your Blokart for

Extra Speed



Full carbon mast

Extra stiffness

for extra performance!

From £265


"What a fantastic time we had!! The kids had no idea we were BloKarting until we pulled up and the smiles on their faces said it all! Happy, friendly going instructors (Nigel be..."

Sarah, Allan, Kieren, Carrie & Josie Hibble

Very Smiley Family

"Thanks to Nigel and team for a great day. So much fun even if the wind didn't behave as it should. Thanks for all your encouragement not to mention push starts. Will defini..."


Blokart beginners

"I like my adrenaline sports as does my 15 year old daughter. Thought blokarts might be a bit tame but how wrong I was. Clear safety briefing, helmet & gloves and we were ready t..."

Paul Coleman

Spud King

UKPPG Powered Paragliding School

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